Tuesday, March 2, 2010

(=...da tym wif ma beloved...=)

did lodsa activities wif ma beloved syg,chum & wawa=)one nyte we had our bowling and hav a great tym at game park..we battle each other n i won;p accept 4 da motor n basketball game..and one swit evenn we had a really great evenin..we tke photograph @ putrajaya lakeside...sweet memory...tripod help us so much=) even mr hafizul segan silu pixnye diambil shot;p even jus a few hour,but we really had great evenn,and we perform mgrb prayer @ masjid besi..nice & beautiful mosque...thanx syg cz brought me there...=) here,sum photograph of us 4 u=)love da really nice view & dtambah pule ade adding 'subject' like us,mmg very nice la all da pixs=) thanx to ma beloved 4 a luvly and sweet evening i've eva had...luv u...2 chum n wawa,thanx 4 being wif us oso and mke da realy great nyte & happening=)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its all about T.R.U.E. L.O.V.E...=)

A meeting between two beings
who complete one another,
who are made for each other, borders already,
in my opinion, on a miracle...=)

Like others always said,love is blind..but for me,luv isn't blind, it just only sees what matters..=) Like a quotes by alex da lion in madagscar 2 said, luv has no boundaries;p Sum meby predict dat i'm so easy 2 fall in luv..but da truth is no..but wen da real n true luv cum n knock ur heart,y shud u pretend not 2 accept it..?? A cute guy cn Open Up ma Eyes, A smart guy can open up ma Mind,But Only A SWEET Guy Can Open My HEART..and its him...he makes me smile for no reason whatsoever,he makes me laugh at the unfunniest things,but most of all, he makes me love him...so,wen I shouldn't be loving him..he makes me 2 eat vegetables dat i'v neva had n neva want to actly in ma lyfe..if ma dad knew abt it(mama knew edy;p),he mus b happy cz her daughter already eat vgtables dat she alergic 4 almost 23years;p i dunoe whre does da strength cum from..;p dis evenn we had a great tym posing @ putrajaya lakeside wif d dslr cam..=) luv al da pix..can't wait 2 tke all da pix from him soon..=) dis sumofda miracle i wanna share..its still a lots inside..everythns is unpredictable..so drastic..we dunoe y..but all we know dis is all miracle..n like he said b4,luv cannot b explain in any words actly..its all cum from ur heart..deeply in ur heart actly..luv is like an eternal flame,once it is lit, it will continue to burn for all time...wow!!i got da feeling tonyte..i dun mind if u wana say dat i'm 'gwang' person or etc,i jus noe wut i'm doin n how i feel..i jus wanna share ma happines wif all of u...=)=) i jus wanna say thank u vry much 2 ma dearest en hafizul adnan 4 all da thngs u hv done 4 me n espclly ur love n ur sincerity...1.4.3 vry muc 5.4.6=)

Monday, January 25, 2010

do i eva get da chance again aftr dis??

js now,i'm chattn & gossippn wit ma besty a.k.a ma roomy..we talk & talk 4 almost 2 hours..just sit while havn our dinner...we talk abt everythns..abt lyfe..i told her its okie if we share everythn now,we dunoe if we stil get da chance after dis..espcially after we graduate..we dunoe our future..i'm afraid we really hard 2 meet up & communicate wif aftr dis,coz of meby we wil gettn bz wif d jobs or else..but hope everythns wil b fine forever..insyaallah..lately i owits thinkn abt ma future..ma everythns..dunoe y..meby ma age also was one of d factor..hoho~~i'm not saying dat i'm gettn matured,not exctly i gues..but i js follow da flow of lyfe..one of ma fren owits said 'just go wif da flow,& u wil be okie..'huhu..majority of ma colleague already in workn world..& sum of them not yet, like me..thank god i'm not all alone..=) but i stil can proud of maself i got 2 certificates..1crtfcte-diploma in teaching english s a 2nd language and 2crtfcte-bachelor arts in english..dis wut i luv..i luv d language..i'm lucky cz got a chance 2 b bilingual person..after 6 years learnn in english field, i hope i wil b more prepared 4 ma future...plz pray 4 ma gud..insyaallah..=)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

ReSoLutiOnS FoR tWo ThOusANd & teN=)

a) increasn ma cgpa bek..>>due 2 ma promise 2 ayah & mama..

b) try 2 do saving.. >> travelln europe dis year..insyaallah=)

c) study smarter than b4..>> cz 2 muc sleep b4;p

d) mit up dr faiz s much s i can >> til ma thesis done!!=)

e) bein nice than b4..ekeke;p

f) new luv...if theres any...haha;p

g) spendn lodsa tym wif ma buddies >>dunoe we cn hav da same moment aftr we graduate o not, cz 4 sure everyone hav their own way of lyfe aftrwrds..=(

h) write s muc s i can in ere..;p

i) attendn all ma colleagues weds..lodsa weds 2 attend dis year..=)

j) invitin peoples attendn 2 ma weds..hahahhaa;p >>dunoe wen..n wil it b reality??;p

k) findn gud job 2 pay 4 ma car loan aftr i end ma study..>>city..y cn't u b more cheaper like kncil o sum sort of..huhu..

l) be da best aunty 4 adil & amir=)

m) last but not least >> b a great daughter & sista 2 ma family of coz...=)

n) searchn 4 a job from now onwards..& SPA done edy>> promised wif sumone 2 tke ptd exam 2geda..hope da luck b wif us,insyaallah=)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

u got me!!=)

jus realize abt dis song..really cheeky & i luv da lyrics..;p

YOu GoT mE;p
(by colbie caillat)

You're stuck on me and my laughing eyes
I can't pretend though I try to hide - I like you
I like you.

I think I felt my heart skip a beat
I'm standing here and I can hardly breathe - you got me
You got me.

The way you take my hand is just so sweet
And that crooked smile of yours it knocks me off my feet

Oh, I just can't get enough
I'm a stoup[] I need to fill me up.
It feels so good it must be love
It's everything that I've been dreaming of.
I give up. I give in. I let go. Let's begin.
Cause no matter what I do,
Oh (oh) my heart is filled with you.

I can't imagine what it'd be like
Livin everyday in this life - without you.
Without you.
One look from you I know you understand
This mess we're in you know is just so out of hand.

Oh, I just can't get enough
I'm a stoup[] I need to fill me up.
It feels so good it must be love
It's everything that I've been dreaming of.
I give up. I give in. I let go. Let's begin.
Cause no matter what I do,

Oh, I just can't get enough
I'm a stoup[] I need to fill me up.
It feels so good it must be love
It's everything that I've been dreaming of.
I give up. I give in. I let go. Let's begin.
Cause no matter what I do,
Oh (oh) my heart is filled with you.

Oh (oh)
You got me. You got me.
Oh (oh)
You got me. You got me.


Dedicated 2 J.A.A.C.H.U.M=)

our frenship is almost 5 years..alhamdulillah..even we go thru sweet & sour memories all over the years..jus wanna thanx 2 u 4 everythn u'v done 4 me..4 sharn our ntah pape stories everyday..haha;p i'm gonna miss u much after dis if we have 2 b apart one day which i hope not..=(


Wen I cry u help me out
Wen I'm happy u hear me shout
Wen I grin u know I'm really mad
Cz u r my besty
u can tell wen I'm sad

U r there in thick and thin
u r my best friend
u hear me out when I want to talk
u help me out when I get mad
u are the bestest friend I've ever had

So hear me out wen I say
u r the light in my day
u are the moon in my night
u shine very bright
u are the bestest friend I have..

so..hope u alwtz succes in wuteva u re doin after dis..especially in ur lyfe..ur career,ur future family & everythns..plz remind dat i wil alwts b wif ya wen u nid me yar...thanx again 4 bein u...

all a't L.O.V.E...

everythns past...i'v had a beautiful moment once..but i dunoe i did da rite thngs o not..not sure..i noe ma luv story ws realy interestn 4 others 2 gossippn of..but everythns end now...nuthn 2 tel..nuthn 2 share..hope u guys get ma c2ations..sum of ma colleagues said dat they really sorry & sad abt it..but i'm not..i dun care if people said i'm wrong & everythns happend cz of ma fault..i dun mind..at least i noe wuts exctly happened, & i noe maself..yeah..meby i'd shared sum of ma stry 2 sum colleagues..hope others dun mind y i'm not telln u guys..i js need appropriate tym,i hope i cn 4get al dat sort of thngies..if i wanna tell,i'l u guys wif all ma heart without u asked 4 it..no worries=) ermm..meby a gurl nid sumone who realy apreciated their presence in other party lyfe..hmm..i dunoe..i noe sumtym i'm vry cruel..but i did it on purpose & wif reasons..yeah..meby we cn js b friend..meby..i dunoe..theres no effort from other party oso,& shud i start 1st..neva!!!but,frankly speakin,i'm really happy wif ma lyfe now..hope it stays 4ever..i js wanna ma lyfe back,& i got it now..=)4 me,2 luv sumeone is 2 understand each other, 2 laugh together,2 smile with your heart & 2 trust one another.One important thing is to let each other go
if you can't do this...coz Luv is a miracle, so, cherish it...guys,u noe wut..2 fall in love is easy,even 2 remain in it,is not difficult;our human loneliness is cause enaf.But it is a hard quest worth making to find a comrade through whose steady presence one becomes steadily the person one desires to be...think about it!!=)