Tuesday, March 2, 2010

(=...da tym wif ma beloved...=)

did lodsa activities wif ma beloved syg,chum & wawa=)one nyte we had our bowling and hav a great tym at game park..we battle each other n i won;p accept 4 da motor n basketball game..and one swit evenn we had a really great evenin..we tke photograph @ putrajaya lakeside...sweet memory...tripod help us so much=) even mr hafizul segan silu pixnye diambil shot;p even jus a few hour,but we really had great evenn,and we perform mgrb prayer @ masjid besi..nice & beautiful mosque...thanx syg cz brought me there...=) here,sum photograph of us 4 u=)love da really nice view & dtambah pule ade adding 'subject' like us,mmg very nice la all da pixs=) thanx to ma beloved 4 a luvly and sweet evening i've eva had...luv u...2 chum n wawa,thanx 4 being wif us oso and mke da realy great nyte & happening=)


  1. t kawin kt masjid besi ea,,hehe~

  2. Nice Post!!
    One of the truly great blog!!!
    Just bace 4-5 entry, sure jadi ketagih!!
    Im not kidding dude....